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Company data

Name: NicLine
Headquarters: NicLine Internet, S.L.U.
NIF: B-26350322
Headquarter´s address: C/ Circunde nº 16, Polígono Industrial La Portalada, 26006 Logroño (La Rioja)
Email address:
Corporate Officers:

  • Nieves Franco - (CEO)
  • Olof Sandstrom - (COO)
  • Miguel Martínez - (CTO)

Mercantile Registry Data: NicLine Internet S.L.U. is a sole proprietorship limited liability company founded in Logroño, Spain, on 5 May, 2003, in public records number 1794, before notary D. Juan García-Jalón de la Lama, of the Burgos College, inscribed in the Mercantile Registry of La Rioja in tomo 540, book 0, folio 1, section 8 and hoja LO- 8718, 1st inscription.

Service contracts

NicLine always performs its operations in complete transparency. If you want to see our contract regulating the use of NicLine services, you can request it. We recommend that you read the terms of contract in order to know your rights and obligations as a client.

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