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Personal Data Protection Policy

Personal Data Protection Policy

Pursuant to the Spanish Personal Data Protection Act 15/99 of December 13 (LOPD) and further regulations hereby confirms that all RSP personal data obtained during the process of signing in through´s RSP tools needed for this Service Agreement shall be run by and included in a file called “Customers” duly registered in the Spanish Data Protection Agency. shall take all necessary technical organisational measures to ensure security, integrity, and confidentiality of all data in full compliance with the requirements set forth in the aforementioned regulation.

To this respect, hereby confirms that the collection and managing of all the RSP personal data is in no way exhaustive and comprises tasks for the rendering of services involved in this Service Agreement - information and marketing if duly identified and any all similar tasks developed within the group comprising

The RSP shall be entitled to defend and execute his rights to access, oppose, edit, and terminate at anytime through the email as foreseen in the aforementioned LOPD. shall take no responsibility whatsoever in all prospective breaches of the existing regulation that might be committed by the RSP in the future when it comes to his activity and compliance of the aforementioned Service Agreement between the parties.  Consequently both the RSP and shall be made responsible for all liabilities and obligations equally binding to both parties yet no party shall be made responsible for the other party´s unfullfilled obligations.

The RSP shall be made responsible for announcing domain Holders that their personal data have been transferred to later be run and managed by shall be entitled to make all personal data available for all national or international entities requiring such data complying with the aforementioned liabilities and obligations.

Consequently the RSP shall be able to grant authorization to the domain Holder for the publication and transmission of all personal data to the corresponding entities.

Wherefore pursuant to Section 11 Paragraph 2 of the LOPD hereby confirms that all personal data collected during domain name registrations, holder change requests, or any other personal data modifications shall be made available to the corresponding Organization or Authority for registration purposes only and with the sole intention to comply with this Service Agreement and get domain names registered or domain name data changed.

Following ICANN´s requirement the RSP needs to be authorized by the domain Holder before publishing any personal information pertaining to the domain Holder, the administrative, technical, and billing contacts which all need to be public and accessible from the Whois Database of the corresponding registrars.

Likewise the RSP is compelled to announce the Wholesaler that all his personal data and data from the domains he runs shall be transferred to and run by for the purpose of rendering services and in full compliance with this Data Protection Policy.

Consequently the Wholesaler is compelled to obtain authorizations from the domain Holders  that he manages and report on such authorizations.

As long as keeps managing and handling data shall be bound by all obligations and liabilities set forth in the LOPD and all data shall be managed and run following the service agreement signed thereto. shall earn the right to keep and retain all traffic data produced in the course of communications for the sole purpose of providing such data when required by competent bodies in full compliance with the Electronic Communications and Public Networks Act 25/2007 of October 18.

The RSP accepts and acknowledges that all data provided are true and accurate and should he edit or change such data he commits himself to keep all data updated and report on such changes. The RSP shall be the sole responsible for keeping all data information true and accurate and managing all domain data accuracy disputes. 



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